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I / We are in the know of the following facts: -


That ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ reserves overall rights to grant admission to the applicant or not. The school may also terminate the student as and when needed. To those who have been given conditional admission in the school / hostel, the school reserves the right to promote or detain the student. The institution will terminate the student if he/she withdraws from the hostel and chooses to become a Day Boarder.

The admissions will be provided at the sole discretion of the Management.

Applications of students coming on transfer must be supported by the original mark sheet and Transfer Certificate, with all authentic details like date of birth, class last attended and class to which the student has been promoted. The Transfer Certificate must be attested by the Principal of the concerned school or by a recognised authority of the Education Board / Department. If the documentation is not completed the admission may be cancelled. I / We have opted for admission after verifying each and every aspect / facility provided by the school and are satisfied with the conditions, taking admission itself claims our consent over all the aspect / terms and conditions / rules and regulations etc which may vary from time to time and be changed / amended at any point of time in current or future scenario and this I / we assure and promise.

Any sort of recommendation will lead to cancellation of the admission procedure at that very time.


That at the time of applying for the Transfer Certificate, I / We will have to clear all the dues / penalties / any other fees or charges to the institutions in full for the complete academic session (Overall Package Cost) as decided by the school, even if the student leaves before the completion of the current academic session.

The student will have to submit all the school property in his possession, then only the TC will be issued. In case of loss of the school property, the parents will have to pay the relevant charges.

That for withdrawal, we will have to apply in writing before the said date (declared by the institution) for applying for withdrawals. If not I /we will have to pay the full fees for the forth coming session too.

That the TC. may not be issued if necessary documents such as ‘No Dues Certificate’, and processing fees etc are not submitted.

That if the parents decide to withdraw their ward from the hostel they will have to withdraw him/her from the school and also get the TC issued. As the admission in school hostel is granted under the hostel quota and the said quota is non transferable to the day boarding quota under any circumstances whatsoever.

Withdrawal Rules

Parents desirous of seeking withdrawal should apply in writing for the Transfer Certificate; stating reasons for leaving the school, at least 15 days in advance.

In case of transfer, the parent must provide a copy of the transfer order, along with the application for Transfer Certificate.

Students withdrawn in the middle of the academic session will be issued the Transfer Certificate subject to the full payment of fees for the complete current session.

The processing of the refunds will take atleast one months time from the date of the application of TC and may take longer time depending upon the circumstances from time to time.


That ‘Parasrampuriya Academy India has offered us a fee package decided by the School’s Board of Governors.

The school and the additional fees thus is supposed to be paid in full, right at the time of the admission, however on the sincere request of parents, the fee may be collected in installments as determined by the School Board.

The fees thus declared will be a package for one complete academic session and is to be paid in full even if the ward / student leaves the School in the middle of the session. The fee is neither divided nor is collected on a monthly basis, though for our convenience the payment of fee is allowed in installments.

The additional fee for the provided mandatory and optional subjects (if charged) such as E-class and any other extra facilities will be charged extra and will be payable as a package.

I /We agree and promise hereby to pay the fees in time as scheduled by ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ / Board and agree hereby to pay the late fee as decided by the school in case of late payments.

Non payment of the fees may result in he / she being sent back home / not allowed to attend the school / board the bus / termination / expulsion of the student / child / ward. In such a case, re-admission will be at the sole discretion of the Principal after a payment of the relevant charges and readmission fees.

Fee can be paid in cash but preferably by Account Payee at par cheques or by a Demand Draft favouring “Parasrampuriya Academy (City Name)”.

If the cheque bounces or is returned by the bank for any reason, an additional penalty charge as decided from time to time in addition to the late fees will be compulsorily charged. The fee thereafter will have to be paid only in cash till the ward continues in the institution.

The student whose fees are not paid in time, may not be allowed to appear for the examination too and neither their results will be produced under any circumstances whatsoever.

Fees have to be paid irrespective of the child’s attendance.

For the students, to be eligible to appear for the Examination, all dues should be cleared latest by the due date of the session in progress.

I / We know and agree to that the institution will observe a raise in the fees at a minimum of 10% every year and may exceed if any such condition arise or when decided by the Management.

Caution Money

If caution money is taken at the time of admission:

That in case of applying for the refund of the caution money we will have to clear all the dues and will have to apply at least one month in advance.

We will also have to pay the processing fees as decided by the school on the said date.

In case of withdrawal, after the full fees and other charges have been paid, only then the caution money (if taken at the time of admission) will be refunded.

The caution money will be refunded on producing the receipt as mandatory.

The cheque for the caution money refund will be awarded at least after one month from the date of the issue of the transfer certificate.


I / We being the parents of the student studying at ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ declare that my / our child Mas./ Ms.________________________________ has no specified ailment / has specific ailment____________________________ and the prescribed medicine for the above written ailment is ________________________________.

In case of medical emergency, I / We hereby authorise the School Board, Directors, Principal, Working Committee and Staff etc. to get the student examined by a relevant doctor or hospital as per the conditions at the promise hereby not to hold the school authorities and staff responsible in case of any mishap / consequences whatsoever.

We know that:

Students suffering from any infection, ailment or contagious disease, should not be sent to school, during the period of illness.

Students suffering from Chicken pox, Measles, Jaundice, Mumps, Whooping Cough, Cholera etc. must be given adequate treatment and should take all necessary precautions and follow medical guidelines before attending the school.

Parents of students suffering from epilepsy should intimate the school authorities promptly with the necessary precautions’ list. Medicines to be given at such times, should also be intimated to the authorities and provided along with the child.

A fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner has to be produced, when the student resumes school after a long absence.

Information of any allergy to a particular food item, should also be conveyed in the form of an application, although the school does not promise to provide customised menu for any person.

I / We know that in case of any specific ailment, the prescribed medicine / drug should be sent along with the child / ward.


That ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ and its Board completely reserve the right to ADMIT, TERMINATE, SUSPEND or EXPEL the student on relevant grounds like gross misconduct, breach of decorum, breach of conduct, norms or any other act considered unacceptable by the school.

Students who are discourteous with the school authorities and who are grossly indisciplined are liable to be expelled from the school.

The ward / child will be discontinued from the school also if the parents / guardians disrespect or misbehave with the people of the institution break any laws framed by the institution at any time.

Students staying away from the school without informing the school authorities for a period of 30 days, will have their names struck off the rolls.

Non-Payment of fees within 15 days after the due date also will have the student’s name struck off the rolls.


That for security reasons the school doesn’t grant leave on telephonic requests, e-mails and applications, and that the student will have to apply for leave one week prior to the desired date, that the school will allow the child to be collected / picked by authorized persons only; that too on producing his/ her identity card issued by the school and other government authorities.

That when the school announces off / holidays for a particular period of time, we agree and abide by that taking the child back home is mandatory. Not taking back the child will attract several penalties as decided from time to time, these penalties may be charged per hour, day wise along with the basic penalty charges.

Students will not be sent home before the school hours, except in the case of a medical emergency or an emergency at home.

In such a case too, students will be allowed to go only with the parents / guardians on producing the ID card issued by the school and the government authorities.

Parents are required to send a written application, e-mail or convey through the handbook, if the child is unable to attend the school.

There is no provision of half day’s leave for students.

Students will not leave the school premises, under any circumstances, without taking prior permission.

Students must not be on unnecessary leave during tests / examinations; as they will not be conducted again and will affect the results.

Going out of town for marriages, parties, sightseeing or attending religious ceremonies must be avoided; specially by students of higher classes.

Students of 10th and 12th will be expected to attend classes till the time the school declares Preparatory Leave.

Any extra leave taken other than what is permitted will attract several penalties.


That there stands a particular uniform / dress code always, as decided by the School which the student will have to abide by for e.g. – a proper hair cut, not colouring his / her hair, wearing track suits on the play ground and when participating in any competitions etc. and the hostel dress code as mandatory, I / We on behalf of the student promise to follow the above and accept the disciplinary decision / action taken by the School.

Dress Code: -

All the students of ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ shall attend school, in the prescribed uniform.

A written application from the parents will be required, if the child is unable to wear the prescribed uniform along with a genuine reason.

If the student arrives at the school without a proper dress code, he / she will be sent back home and the conveyance will as applicable will be payable by the parents / guardians.

Students should always be smartly and appropriately dressed; in ironed clothes, shirts properly tucked in and buttoned up.

Parents are requested to note that strict action will be taken against the boys with long hair and girls with long hair left loose / ponytail; and those with a slovenly appearance. Any ultra western hair cut for both is strictly prohibited too. Girls have to put hair band or braid their hair at all times.

If the student is found with an improper haircut, the school reserves the right to get a proper haircut from some saloon and the charges will be paid by the parents / guardians.

Use of nail polish, tattoos, fancy earrings, rings, bracelets, and hair colour (highlighting) is strictly prohibited. Nails should be properly cut, tie and belt to be put up properly. Any kind of make up / nail art / embellishment / kajal, mascara, eye-liner or shading etc. are strictly prohibited.

Students must not bring money, valuables or jewellery to the school. The school will not be responsible in case of loss / damage. Any objectionable item such as mobiles, radios, I pods and laptops etc. will be confiscated and will not be returned in any case whatsoever.

Students are not allowed to wear wristwatches to school. However, students of classes IX to XII may be allowed to wear them at the time of examination only.

Decent coloured (civil) dress may be worn by the students on their birthdays. Skirts, frocks, low waist / normal jeans with short or sleeveless tops for girls, will not be allowed. In case of inability or failing to abide by the above dress code, students may wear the school uniform.

Students found wearing prohibited dress, will have to change into a decent outfit, for which the parents will be summoned.


I / We agree that these are the days of ruined situations of law and order, intolerable behavior, crime, delinquency in INDORE in particular, hence security is of utmost priority. I / We appreciate the steps and efforts taken by the school management by introducing the identification cards. I / We know that the school hereby restricts the entry at the school / hostel premises / classes, paying the fees etc. (mandatory) on not carrying the card along and we will not compel the school authorities / staff to do so, we know that all the restriction issues consider security first. That the ID cards issued to the Students and Parents will be used for identification of the Student / Parents / Guardian and will be used for every interaction between the School and the Student / Parents / Guardians for taking attendance (mandatory), Entry in the school premises (mandatory), Entry for functions at the school, Attending the PTMs (mandatory), Depositing the fees (mandatory), Demanding leave for the student, Collecting the student from the school(mandatory) etc.

That the cards issued by the school are the property of the school and compulsory for us to hold. In case of loss, we agree hereby to pay the relevant charges for the issuance of a new one as decided by the school.


That E-class is a new concept of education, which brings the conventional and modern education together. As per this concept, the students are shown a virtual presentation on the subject they study, for e.g. Practicals, experiments etc. This makes an image in the mind of the students about how it all happens, as virtual memorisation is scientifically much faster than any other method.

That attending the E-classes is a mandatory additional subject to attend to maintain the quality and standard of education.

E-class is an additional facility provided to the student by the school. This facility is provided as a complementary service and the school reserves the right to withdraw the service at any point of time without any prior information.

Payment of E-learning fees (if announced) and attending E-class is mandatory.

If in the future the school decides to take fees of the said service the school is free to levy the charges and it will be mandatory for everyone to pay the decided fees.

Any act of the student which the school finds objectionable will result in termination.

Students found indulging in any objectionable activities will be debarred from attending the E-class.


I / We on behalf of our child agree to maintain all the rules of conduct, discipline and standard norms of the students and school, a good conduct and disciplined behaviour is necessary and mandatory in every manner. In case of breach of discipline, conduct, dress code, norms etc. as decided by the school, I /We hereby authorize the school to take necessary action and decision as suspension / termination / or expelling the ward / child from the school.


I / We the parents of the said student promise hereby to pay all the penalties levied by the School on not abiding by the school rules and policies.

Any loss to the school property will be charged in full under all circumstances whatsoever.

If the school authorities are unable to figure out the culprit for the loss / damage, group penalty will be applicable.


That regular checking and interrogation of the child is necessary to maintain his / her educational, social, behavioral, personality development standards etc. and thus hereby authorize the school to interrogate the child and check his bags, luggage, cupboards, dresses etc. thoroughly.

To ensure that all students are well-turned-out, regular monitoring will be carried out.


That all electronic and costly items such as jewellery, I-pods, Radios, Laptops, Digital diaries, Heaters and any other item found objectionable by the school are absolutely prohibited in and at the school / Hostel premises and on tours etc. and assure that no such thing such will be carried along by the student / resident and know that the school holds the right to seize and not return if such is found.

Breaching of the rules / norms may attract several penalties as decided from time to time.


That over school campus, hostel campus and rooms and each and every place, an electronic surveillance by C.C.T.V. cameras and other means is observed and any objectionable act detected will authorise the school to take action accordingly, we give our consent for the surveillance and will not hold responsible / blame the school for maintaining any records whatsoever.


That any photo or video taken by / at the school at any event in association with the school at any time will remain the sole property of the institution and the institution reserves complete right for its use at all places. The features / facilities specified / shown / displayed from time to time, may or may not be the part of the standard provisions. The pictures / facilities / features displayed / shown are indicative and are subject to change without prior notification, any feature / facility may be changed / discontinued without any prior notification whatsoever. The pictures / videos / documentation / content of any sort or any other material received / prepared / displayed will be considered as the sole property of the institution and the institution reserves the right to use or not the content at any point of time. Hereby we give our consent for the said activity.


That the school is providing transportation facility free of cost. and the school bears no responsibilities for the consequences arising on and off the road, in and out of the school premises and promise not to hold the school responsible for any consequences whatsoever.

The facility is complementary for now and the school reserves the right to levy fees for the said facility if decided later.

The school may levy charges, if any, special arrangements are made.

A written application from the parents will be required, if the child needs to go home by the other bus or trip before or after school hours. Changing the bus other than allotted in no case will be allowed.

Hostelers will neither be picked up nor will be dropped by the school bus.

The school reserves the right to discontinue the said facility at any point of time without any prior intimation.

Transportation will not be provided on national holidays and festivals.


That the school is providing food and beverage (MESS) facility free of cost for now.

The school reserves the right to levy charges for this facility if decided later.

This is a complementary service and is not mandatory. The menu for the mess will be decided solely by the school authorities.

The school reserves the right to discontinue the said facility at any point of time without any prior intimation.


I / We have gone through all the rules and regulations of the sports, curricular, co-curricular activities, educational and sports tours etc. and on behalf of the student promise to abide by them at all times in all conditions. I / We hereby award our consent and allow our child / ward to join the same.

I / We agree that any event and sport organized by the school has a risk factor to some extent and assure not to hold the school responsible for any consequences / mishaps whatsoever.


01. The parents enquiring about the journey or the arrival etc. should call at the school or at the city office only, on the numbers mentioned in the circular.

02. The parents will be provided with the hotel contact numbers and the mobile numbers of the PTIs accompanying the tour. Only incase of an emergency one should call on the cell phones.

03. The parents must call at the hotel contact numbers or the students can call at their residence from the STD booths, which the students will pay for.

04. The students have to bear all the general expenses whatsoever. (for e.g. shopping, eatables, gifts and STD charges, postage etc.)

05. Carrying mobiles, Laptops and objectionable electronics along, will be considered as highly objectionable.

06. The students are advised not to carry valuables along; if any such thing is lost or damaged it shall be entirely at their risk.

07. The students must report at the school premises in their school uniform (White Shirt and Blue Trouser / Skirt with Tie) and should wear their house T – Shirts during their journey, in particular.

08. The students should inform their group incharge the amount of money they will be carrying along as pocket money. Money lost or stolen will be at students’ / parents’ risk.

09. The students should report to their group in charge at a single whistle / call.

10. The students must remember to display a very high quality disciplined behavior everywhere as they are the ambassadors of Parasrampuriya Academy.

11. The students must strictly abide by the instructions from their group incharge under all circumstances.

12. The students should carry the required snacks along in disposable containers (use and throw).

13. The students must avoid eating at the eating joints in the market as far as possible.

14. The students should avoid unnecessary shopping as it increases the luggage and leads to a lot of inconvenience while traveling.

15. The luggage to be carried along must be as little as possible preferably one medium sized trolley bag for the sake of convenience.

16. The students must attach the name tags provided and should also mention their name and class on the luggage / units they carry along. The administration will not be responsible if the same is lost, damaged or stolen.

17. No refund will be awarded once the tour fees is submitted and thereafter if we apply for cancellation of participation.

18. The school will not be responsible for the refund if the applicant is unable to submit the relevant documents.


I / We know that all the programmers, functions, meets, tours etc. are organised by the school and the school solely holds the right to arrange the events or not and allow or disallow / debar / select the child for joining the same. I / We have no right over these events and will not claim or compel the school authorities in regard to such events.


That the school reserves all the rights to examine the answer sheets as per the standards decided by the school and reserves the right to present or not the answer sheets to the student / parents / guardians etc.

The school reserves the right to promote / detain the student to the next standard / class or the previous one.

That the decisions regarding the events etc. announced by the school will be considered as binding.

I / We hereby authorise the school for not producing the results on phone / e-mails or in print etc. in case of any dues / default on the part of the student.


I / We on behalf of the student assure that the student will cause no damage / harm to the school property and in such case promise to pay in full the loss incurred due to the act of the student.


I / We know that the phenomenon to fight prevails naturally in every human and thus in children, uncontrollable to a large extent and can occur at any step of life. If such a thing occurs, I / We promise hereby not to hold the school responsible for any consequences whatsoever.


I / We know that mishaps may occur any time anywhere in life thus in and out of the school and the school bears no responsibilities regarding the above. I / We hereby promise not to hold the school responsible if any such thing happens.


I / We know that there exists a code of behavior in classes, school premises, computer and other labs etc. and may result in legal, social, physical complications and certain risks. I / We on behalf of the student promise hereby that all the rules, regulations, codes and norms will be followed and promise not to hold the school or any school personnel responsible for any consequences whatsoever.


I / We know that the school has set up certain rules, regulations, norms and codes binding the students and parents and know that breach of any may result in penalties, punishments, suspension, termination and expulsion etc., and promise not to hold the school / school personnel responsible for any action taken / consequences whatsoever.


I / We know that joining preparatory and coaching classes / centers etc. is a matter of the will of the parents and hereby allow my / our ward to join the same and promise not to hold the school / school personnel responsible for any consequences in or out of the school premises whatsoever.


The school arranges parent teacher’s meeting / other events from time to time as to discuss / display the performance and development of the student.

I / We will be responsible to gather the information about such events from the school. Any misconduct of parents / students in the said events will debar him / her from attending to it and may result in expulsion of the ward / student from the institution.

Lost & Found

The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the student’s property. The parents must inform at the school reception in case of lost property. If found, it will be returned, if not found, no claims can be made on the school and its authorities.


The students should be regular in attending to the classes. The minimum attendance percentage is declared by the board and if the requirements are not fulfilled the student will be debarred from the school and also from appearing at the examinations.

Consent & Undertakings

I / We hereby award our consent and allow our child / ward to join any of the sports, competitions, tours or any other event organized or participated in by the school, I / We assure not to hold the school or staff responsible for any further consequences whatsoever.


Dated: - ____ / ____ / _________.

I / We, Mr.___________________________________________________________ / Mrs.________________________________________________, are the parents of Mas. / Miss. __________________________________ who has sought admission in ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ in _____ Std. I / We know that the school has certain rules, regulations, terms, conditions and code of conduct, I / We hereby agree that any breach of the above said, will be considered as hereby highly objectionable and unjustified and the school reserves overall rights to take their decision in the relevant matter. I / We have received the Agreement / Rules / Terms and Conditions book no ___________ in full and hereby agree to abide by its content, the agreement being valid till the student / child continues with the school. I / We know and agree upon that the Rules, Penalties, Terms & Conditions, Codes etc. are completely justified and rest is the internal matter of ‘Parasrampuriya Academy’ and its Board and are subject to be changed without any notification.

I / We hereby declare that the information provided by us to the school as true and correct to my / our knowledge.

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